Divyesh Dobariya – How he became Social Influencer & started Earning

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In the world of fashion, mostly dominated by women, male bloggers are gradually gaining the limelight. Male grooming and fashion styling is now in demand which has led many male to take up profession in the fashion industry. Thanks to internet and social media explosion (particularly the rise and popularity of bloggers), we now have many young male fashion bloggers who are ruling the internet.

One such smart and talented blogger from our very own city of Surat is Divyesh Dobariya. He is a young social media influencer who has been making waves in the men’s fashion world in Surat. An influencer with a strong 70.6k followers on his Instagram profile, let’s have a look at his journey of becoming a famous Instagrammer and how he used it to his advantage.

Divyesh is a commerce student, studying in 12th std in Surat. Initially he used to dress up and take random pics of himself and upload it on his social media accounts. He used to share light, candid moments from his life. The social media audience easily connected to his personal style and liked his photos a lot. He then decided to forge into men’s luxury space and pursued the blogging profession along with his studies.

This motivated him to gradually share more professional pics and promote brands to become a fashion influencer. That’s when he began to post more stories, photos and stayed connected to his fans. Gradually he started getting work assignments for blogging and today he is a well-known fashion blogger in Surat. Thus he turned his passion into profession and earning good amount from the same.

Having a huge fan following on the social media is not easy. A blogger has to be good-looking and talented. Plus they have to be image conscious because a lot of people follow them. Divyesh learnt this during his journey and presented himself in a decent yet stylish way. He has a good update on the latest in men’s fashion wear, what will look good on him and accordingly styles himself.

Through his pictures, he puts across his personal style preferences which are liked by many followers. Owing to his interesting content and stylish personality, audience on Instagram have accepted him well and also follow him loyally.

He also takes care to constantly interact with his followers by responding to their comments to make them feel special. He in turn wants his followers to be inspired and share their opinions with him. Being a professional fashion blogger has helped him to become more engaging and expressive with his Instagram audience.

The best part of his journey is that he loves what he is doing – being his own boss, studying as well as working as a blogger in his free time. And the huge fan following of 70.6k on his Instagram profile is proof that people love his posts and photos. He is well aware about the fashion trends, brand promotion and social media updates. 

It is very admirable that Divyesh manages his blogger portfolio along with his studies which shows his work-life balance at such a young age. He plans on creating more interesting blogs and posts and to keep his followers engaged. So visit this young Instagrammer profile to check out his posts and do follow and like him! You are sure to get inspired from this amazing young talent.