Virat kohli wore mixture of a skirt and a kurta in pro kabaddi 2019.

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virat kohli in pro kabbadi

Virat Kohli is no 1 batsman in the world and also in a stylish man.He is also active in social media. He was recently seen twinning with his wife Anushka Sharma during the ICC World Cup on more than one occasion. Both Virat and Anushka have always managed to look great together with their subtle twinning, which reflects either through the colors that they pick or the structural designs of the silhouettes they choose to wear.

virat kohli and anushka sharama

In pro kabaddi 2019 Virat Kohli seen in latest style cloth. he wore a mixture of kurta and skirt.

It was a funny mixture of a skirt and a kurta. Take a look:

virat kohli in pro kabaddi 2019

This kurta has an asymmetrical length that from one side looks like a mini-skirt and from the other side, resembles a traditional kurta.